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Rassau Sawmills
Gwent, NP23 5BL

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Chipps excavator grey post hole digger

Grey Excavator Shovel, a handy digging tool for fencing work

Chippys Black excavator post hole digger

Black Excavator Shovel, another handy tool for fencing jobs

Chippys fencing bar

6ft long Fencing Bar

Chippys Round head shovel

Round Mouth Shovels


Heavy Duty Steel Shovel

Chippys alaminium shovel

Aluminium Shovel, light weight but very strong

Chippys shovel we use

Metal shovel, wooden handle and very strong.

Chippys shovel holers

Fencing holes digging shovels

Chippys Sweeping Brus

Large heavy duty sweeping brush 

Chippys pick 7lb

7lb Pick with a wooden handle

Chippys Sledhe 14lb

Sledge hammer with a wooden handle 14lbs

Chippys Sledge 7lb

Sledge hammer with a fibre glass handle 7lb

Chippys Crow Bar

2ft Crow bars

Chippys Hammer

Hammer with a fibre glass handle 16ozs

Chippys Hatchet

Hatchet 1.5lb

Chippys Fencing pliers

270mm Fencing pliers

Chippys irwin saw

Irwin hand saws

Chippys Silverline hand saws

Silverline hand saw, super sharp and soft grip handle. Tried and tested in our sawmill, cracking saws.

Chippys Draper fence tensioning bar

Fencing tensioning bar

Chippys wooden handle pruners

Pruners with a wooden handle

Chippys Rachet Strap

Ratchet strap 1.5 metres 1.5 tonne

Chippys Tape

Tape measure 8 mertres

Chippys forestry safety helmet

Forestry safety helmet with earmuffs and visa

Chippys Jump Leads

Heavy duty jump leads, 3.6 metres long

Ryobi chainsaw complete with a protective carrying case 35cc

Petrol strimmer 43cc

Chippts fencing mallet

Fencing mallet

Chippy steel petrol can filling spout

Steel petrol can with spout

Petrol chainsaw 52cc

Post knocker 6" round.

Mucking out fork with a wooden handle, makes light work of big jobs. Overall length 64"

Mucking out fork with a wooden shaft and a steel and wooden handle. Overall length 42"

A very strong slasher, ideal for over grown areas, wooden handle and a steel blade. Overall length 58"

Canvass tool bag, very strong. Zip top 760mm long.

Fencing wire cutters approx 11" long.

Garden pruners with a metal handle 21" long

Very strong axe, fibre glass shaft, metal blade 4.5lb

Splitting maul, very strong approx 6lbs

Childrens proper little steel wheel barrow, very sturdy, rubber grip handles. Modelled by our Grand daughter.

Black steel wheel barrow, with easy grip rubber handles.

Ladies pink wheel barrow, very strong.